Case Study

Creating a Laptop PC Housing that is Unpainted, has a High Design, is Environmental Friendly, and has Durability.

Polycarbonate resin with added PCR plastic eliminates problems by the design of foreign particles!

Acer Product Development

The Solution

Summary of the Solution
  • By using Teijin’s speckled design polycarbonate resin, which contains PCRs, Acer was able to incorporate impurities in the plastic into the product design, thereby improving product appearance as well as boosting its environmental image.
  • The resin made it possible to leave the case unpainted, thereby both reducing the environmental impact of the case and boosting production yields.

Creating A PC Housing that is Unpainted Yet Stylish, Durable and Environment-Friendly

Acer had searched the market to find a suitable supply partner that is up to the challenges faced and found Teijin, which had extensive experience with recycled plastics.
After a series of meetings, Teijin proposed the use of a speckled design polycarbonate resign design that incorporated the impurities that enter the plastic during the recycling process into the design as a way of sharing a message about recycling materials.

The speckled design featured a polycarbonate resin containing PCR plastic (between 30 and 40%, depending on grade) that would enable the desired design to be implemented, thereby enhancing company’s reputation as an environment-friendly company.

Polycarbonate also boasts excellent impact resistance, flame retardance, and heat resistance. All these properties were shared by the speckled resin, making it suitable for durable, environment-friendly products.

The technology developed by Teijin to manufacture speckled polycarbonate resin allows hue and speckle diameter to be varied as desired. By incorporating impurities into the design, this technology enhances the design and makes it possible to leave cases unpainted. The use of unpainted cases not only helps reduce the impact on the environment from VOC emissions, but also improves production yield, which is an advantage for the manufacturer.

Collaborating as partners, Acer and Teijin underwent a series of studies and prototyping, passing several inspections and tests with flying colors to deliver an eco-friendly product using PCR materials.

Not only the product is stylish with its unpainted design, but it is an milestone in both company’s goals to create a more sustainable environment.

PC&ABS Plastic ① 30% Recycled Plastic
Painted Surface ② Un-Painted Surface
Standard Panel ① 99% Recyclable
Virgin Material ② 50% Recycled Plastic
Sticker ③ Engraving

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