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The products of Teijin Limited. Resin & Plastic Processing Business Unit are widely used in medical apparatus, medical instruments, and healthcare-related products. For medical apparatus, Teijin have products that can withstand gamma, electron ray and steam sterilization. For medical instruments and healthcare applications, Teijin also have a line-up of products with impact-strength, heat resistance, weather resistance, and antiseptic resistance to meet customer needs. Consult Teijin for advice on day-to-day challenges.

Teijin’s advantage in the medical and healthcare field

1.Areas of Expertise

Main applications

  • Three-way stopcocks / Dialyzers / Catheters
  • Anesthetic bottles
  • Automatic external defibrillators (AED) / Cardiograms

Major customers

  • Japanese medical apparatus and instruments manufacturers
  • Overseas medical instruments manufacturers


  • To be used for medical apparatus that require steam sterilization.
  • To be used for medical apparatus that require gamma and electron ray sterilization.
  • To be used for chemical bottles
  • Resistance to various disinfectants

3.Product Capabilities

We provide the functions required by the medical and healthcare field.

  • Resistance to steam sterilization
  • Resistance to gamma and electron ray sterilization
  • Chemical resistance
  • Flame retardance
  • Impact resistance
  • Weather resistance


Medical and Healthcare Grade Lineup

Applications / Features Features Grade Resin
Resistance to gamma and electron ray Standard MD-1220YA PC
High flow MD-1220YA
Resistance to steam sterilization Standard MD-2220TA
High flow MD-2200TA
Medicine bottle Chemical resistance Standard TN-8065S PEN
Medical instruments exterior High impact resistance Standard TN-7500M PC alloy
Long term reliability Standard TN-4255ZA
Antiseptic resistance MN-9225Z


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