Polycarbonate resin Panlite® for foam moldability

Teijin provides high-strength, stable products with excellent durability and color stability, using its unique viscosity control technology in polycarbonate resin development and injection foam molding. We cater to our customers' advanced and diverse needs for heat resistance, insulation, weight reduction, low dielectric properties, and more.


Foamed materials, which are made by finely dispersing gases in resin, are known to not only contribute to weight reduction but also provide properties such as heat insulation and electrical insulation properties. Foamed materials are generally made from polyethylene (PE) resin, polystyrene (PS) resin and polypropylene (PP) resin as raw materials.
Polycarbonate (PC) resin Panlite® is a resin with superior heat resistance compared to these resins, and by making it into a foam material, this allows the foam material to be used in a wider temperature range.


Polycarbonate resin is generally considered difficult to produce a uniform foam material because it has a higher melt viscosity near the foaming temperature and lower melt tension than polystyrene, which has excellent foam moldability.
Teijin has developed a polycarbonate resin Panlite® with excellent foam moldability by optimizing the melt viscosity behavior of the resin.

    ■ Foamability evaluation by MuCell®* molding

・Mold machine ; J140AD-110H (The Japan Steel Works, Ltd.)

・SCF supply device ; SII TRJ-10-A-MPD (Trexel, Inc.)

・Mold ; Compliant with ISO179

・Rate of weight reduction ; 15%

  • *MuCell® molding is a technology in which supercritical state (SCF) gas is injected into resin to generate microfoam at the same time as injection molding to obtain foam molded products.
    MuCell® Technology - Trexel, Inc.

The fractured surface of foam molded products is observed to evaluate the bubble diameter distribution.

Foaming state of traditional PC
Panlite® Z-2601(Under development)
Uniform foaming state compared to traditional PC
Panlite® SS-1230Z
Fine foaming state compared to traditional PC


Mobility (Weight reduction, Cushioning)
Electrical (Heat insulation, Electrical insulation)
Communication (Low dielectric, Electrical insulation)


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