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The introduction of next-generation communication technologies will enable high-speed, large-volume data transmission and reception, and the realization of an IoT society based on 5G is expected to dramatically change our lives.
Teijin Resin & Plastic Processing Business Unit provides materials with various characteristics αs a material supplier that supports the IoT society.
In order to respond to increased communication traffic, faster processing speeds, and downsizing, in addition to the excellent impact resistance and flame resistance of conventional polycarbonate, we are developing products with excellent thermal conductivity and low dielectric property. Consult Teijin for advice on day-to-day challenges.

Teijin’s advantage in the high-speed communication field

1.Areas of Expertise

Main applications

  • Heat Sink
  • Outdoor communication equipment
    (Radome, etc.)
  • Local IoT/5G products
  • Transparent film antenna
  • MID

Major customers

  • Domestic and overseas telecommunication equipment manufacturers


  • New heat dissipation design with thermal conductive materials and thermal analysis support
  • Development of dielectric control and electromagnetic wave shielding materials that realize next-generation communication society using high-frequency radio waves
  • Reduced deterioration of weather resistance, making it suitable for outdoor use
  • Improved design and weight reduction by substituting metal for equipment housings
  • Miniaturization od MID enabling downsizing and reduction of the number of parts

3.Product Capabilities

We provide required functions for high-speed communication equipment

  • Insulation
  • High thermal conductivity(heat dissipation)
  • High heat resistance
  • Color design
  • Resin-metal bondability
  • Low dielectric
  • Electromagnetic shielding
  • Long-term reliability
  • Circuit plating


Panlite® & Multilon®

High-Speed Communication Grade Lineup

Applications/Features PC PC/ABS
Flame resistance
High impact resistance
Flame resistance
Thermal conduction
Thermal conduction
Flame resistance
High impact resistance
High Flow
Thermal conduction
Exteriors(Indoor) LN-2520A
DN-5327BZ TN-7000A
Exteriors(Outdoor) LN-3520ZH
XJ-0860(Under development) TN-7500NZ
Heat Sink HV-2500KE H-3500KE
Applications/Features PC
Low dielectric EMC Shield
Radome XJ-0723
(Under development)
Film Antenna W-0198(Under development)
Shield Case E-8910

PURE-ACE® Polycarbonate Films

Applications/Features PC
Optical isotropy
Heat resistance
Optical use
Transparent Film D-series、L‐series
(Thickness : 25~100μm)


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