Polycarbonate (PC) Film PURE-ACE®

Introduction and Features

PURE-ACE® is high-transparency and high-quality polycarbonate films produced in cleanroom. Under strict quality controls, we have comprehensive production system from raw materials to products, in order to respond to market demand accurately.
As optical classifications, we have optical isotropic films with small in-plane retardation and optical anisotropic (phase difference) films.

Main grades

Resin Grade Feature Thickness (µm) Application example
General PC D, L Optical isotropic
(Low retardation)
25 ~ 100 Substrate film
GR, GS, GT Retardation 30 ~ 70 Optical compensation for LCD
3D glasses
KJ, KL High retardation 
125 ~ 300 Polarized glasses
Modified PC RM Retardation
(Reverse wavelength dispersion)
~ 60 Anti-reflection for OLED
(1/4 retardation)