Polycarbonate Film for Optical Use

Introduction and Features

PURE-ACE® is a high-quality polycarbonate film produced in clean facilities. Because of the sophistication of displays in recent years, the demand for polycarbonate-based optical films with heat resistance is increasing rapidly. We are taking advantage of our integrated production system from raw materials to prpducts to develop products that meet changing customers needs in the optical film market. We also apply retardation precision control technology and have a wide lineup to meet market demands.

Teijin's advantage in optical films

1.Areas of Expertise

Major applications

  • Retardation films
    • 1/4 wavelength plates / Circular polarizer
       ・AR / VR
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Base films for various types of sensors


  • Stretched films production
    • Retardation control
      Uniaxial stretched films (longitudinal stretching/lateral stretching)
      Biaxial stretched films
    • Precision optical axis control
  • Consistent support from polymer design to film production suitable for optical applications

3.Product Capabilities

  • Transparent plastics film production
    • Standard polycarbonate resins
    • Reverse wavelength dispersion type resins
    • High light guiding optical resin
  • Optical quality control
    • Less contamination and defects
    • Optical quality surface uniformity
Teijin's strength


Antireflection for OLEDs
In-vehicle display / Privacy display
Polarized sunglasses
For AR / VR