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As a supplier of materials to the constantly-evolving automotive industry, Teijin Limited. Resin & Plastic Processing Business Unit offers materials suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Teijin offers a choice of environmentally friendly recycled polycarbonate resins in addition to conventional polycarbonate resins manufactured from petroleum derivatives. We continue to develop products by proposing and customizing products that utilize the strength of materials to reduce weight while maintaining and improving the strength and durability required for vehicle and various vehicle equipment.
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Teijin’s advantage in the automotive industry

1.Areas of Expertise

Main applications

  • Exteriors / Interiors
  • Lighting instrument
  • Meter panels / Displays
  • Electric and electronic components
  • Sensors

Main clients

  • Major first and second tier Japanese and overseas corporations


  • Material development for in-Line painting.
  • Reduction of creaking noise generated from parts due to vehicle vibration
  • Reduction of damage of parts upon accident or collision
  • Reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOC) gas released
  • Improvement of quality of interiors and exteriors
  • Support for decorative molding
  • Metal substitute for exterior parts (Design improvement)

3.Product Capabilities

We provide the functions required by the automotive industry.

  • Recycling
  • Less gas generation. Less gas deposit. Reductions of VOC
  • Reduction of creaking noise
  • Hard surface hardness
  • Low linear expansion coefficients
  • Wavelength selective infrared transmission
  • Transparency and chemical resistance


Automotive Grade Lineup

Panlite® & Multilon®

Applications/Features PC PC/ABS PC/PET
Standard/ Transparent/Weatherability/Low gas Infrared transmission Low VOC Low Creaking noise Good Moldability/Weatherability/Chemical resistance/Low Linear expansion coefficients
Interiors Automotive Display L-7000 Series
Interior parts

T-2090R Series
T-2700R Series
Exteriors Panel/Garnish/Spoiler/Roof Rail AM-9000 Series
In-Vehicle Sensor AL Series

Panlite® Special polycarbonate

Applications / Features High refractive index High heat resistance Low birefringence Long term reliability
In-Vehicle camera SP-1516 SP-1516
SP-3810 SP-3810 SP-3810

Panlite® Sheet & Film

Applications / Features Chemical resistance Dimensional stability Surface hardness Thermoformability Low distortion Retardation control Low warpage High durability Flame resistance
Meter dial PC-1151
Heat control panel PC-2151
Interior decorative film PC-D600,
Automotive display front panel PC-D101,
PC-T101 PC-T101 PC-T101
Dust cover for HUD PC-813A PC-813A

Flame retardant

Applications / Features Flame resistance
Car seat (Backing coat) FCX-210
Automotive connectors FG-7500,FG-8500


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