Case Study

Development of a drone that combines superior durability under harsh external conditions is on track!

Realizing professional drones with carbon fiber reinforced resin with low moisture absorption and excellent environmental resistance.

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The Solution

Summary of the Solution
  • Teonex® is a carbon fiber reinforced resin that offers excellent durability, low-hygroscopicity, and excellent climate resistance, and is also readily paintable.
  • Teonex® has excellent dimensional stability and chemical resistance, making it ideal for drones intended for use in punishing environments.

A new material with excellent properties has been used to create a drone that can withstand harsh environments!

The employee who continued to collect information, was introduced to Teijin's "Carbon Fiber Reinforced Teonex® (PEN resin)" by a manufacturer with whom they had a business relationship. They immediately contacted Teijin for information on the product.

Teonex®, a unique material provided by Teijin for use in a range of purposes around the world, has excellent physical properties—specifically excellent climate resistance, low-hygroscopicity, and excellent chemical resistance. By reinforcing this Teonex® with carbon fiber, it is possible to exhibit excellent properties with a good balance of various physical properties that are not found in other carbon fiber reinforced resin materials.

Teonex® had low hygroscopicity compared with the polyamide (PA+CF) used in the manufacturer’s current drone model, so it was less susceptible to changes in physical properties due to moisture. It also had superior physical properties to polycarbonates (PC+CF), making improvements in reliability possible. In comparison with polyphenylene sulfide (PPS+CF) as well, Teonex®’s climate resistance and ability to be painted, in addition to its excellent durability in outdoor purposes, enabled a balance between paintability and chemical resistance.

“Due to its low water absorption, high bending properties, and excellent dimensional stability, it can withstand harsh environments during processing and product use. We are convinced that it had the best characteristics as a material for the drone body suitable for harsh environments,” said the employee.

The research and development team immediately went about procuring Teonex® samples, which they tested under simulated conditions. As a result of the evaluation, the material performed as expected. The manufacturer is currently developing a prototype in consultation with Teijin.

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